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GOAT Industries is focused on bringing stability back to North Americans, by investing in companies & projectsthat are building for increased energy, raw material, and food independence.

Energy Independence
Cellular Agriculture
Fertilizer production
Food Independence
Onshore Manufacturing
Energy Independence
Cellular Agriculture
Fertilizer production
Food Independence
Onshore Manufacturing

Inflation is rising to record levels.

With inflation rates skyrocketing to levels that we haven't seen since the 1980s, millions of Canadians and Americans are feeling the pressure of increased costs on the necessities they need for every day like food and energy.

Canadian 39 Year High Inflation Rate in June 2022 (Source)
US 40 Year High Inflation Rate in June 2022 (Source)

Global markets are struggling.

With current geopolitical scenarios playing out across the globe, along with major supply shortages affecting agriculture and manufacturing, North Americans need more local solutions to ensure access to the necessities.

Increased Food Costs for Average Canadian Family in 2022 (Source)
Increase in Wheat Price Index from January 2021 (Source)

We need homegrown solutions.

It has become abundantly clear that relying on a globalized market for key goods is a recipe for disaster when unexpected stresses and situations arise. Canadians and Americans need on-shore solutions that ensure the safety and security of energy and food.

GOAT Industries is investing in that future, today.

Mining for the Future of Transportation

GOAT Industries is actively seeking out promising land claims and properties with a focus on electronics and battery metals.

We're building a premium investment platform for fast-growing, innovative companies.

GOAT Industries is more than an investor in our portfolio companies, we are a true partner. In addition to our capital investments, we are providing strategic assistance, network connections, and support to help companies grow faster.


With our vast industry knowledge and experience, we work to identify exciting companies in a variety of markets that are primed for fast growth and expansion.


After applying our process to narrow down the best suited opportunities, we make a significant investment in the selected companies to provide the necessary capital to grow.

Support & Incubate

We work with our portfolio companies to assist their leadership teams in scaling production & distribution and expanding their market opportunities.

We're building stability in a volatile future.

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